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About Us

Why The Swirly Turtle - Hawaiian Shave Ice ?

I guess you could say it all started in Hawaii - in 2002 for Todd, and 2007 for Nancy.

When the Air Force stationed him at HIckam AFB, Todd quickly fell in love with not just the beauty, culture, and weather of the Hawaiian Islands, but also the local favorite "shave ice."  As one who was never likely to pass on dessert, he quickly found the sweet, smooth and delectable cold treat too tempting to pass up.  He soon found himself exploring the islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii and searching out one shave ice stand after another.  Even though Todd would move again after three years in the tropical paradise, he carried his passion for a great cup of shave ice with him on to his new adventures.

Next up would be a new station at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.  Of course there was no matching the great shave ice stands he had become accustomed to - but he did find a new love while there.  This love was not focused on the sweetness of the shave ice syrups, but instead on the sweetness of his new favorite girl and best friend.  After a failed initial attempt, Todd and Nancy met on a blind date (thanks Dawn, xxx, and yyy) at the little league ball park, followed by ice cream.  Although the ice cream was not a new discovery, it did taste even sweeter and more delicious that night.  Shortly thereafter, Todd was off to another assignment in Colorado Springs, CO.  

After several months of a long-distance relationship, Todd proposed to Nancy in the rugged but beautiful landscape of Colorado.  A few months later it was time for Todd to deploy, but first they knew they wanted to take the relationship to the next level.  After a few more months of agonizing over where to get married, they both eventually decided to head over the Pacific Ocean to the island of Oahu.  In 2007 they found themselves exchanging vows on a secluded lagoon - when Nancy spotted one of many sea turtles they would find during their time on the island.  Always an animal lover, Nancy now had a new affinity for sea turtles.

Why Shave Ice ?

Their travels with the Air Force took them many places - and through them all, Todd and Nancy always seemed drawn to searching out shaved ice stands wherever they went.  As kids continued the blessings of the young family, the traditional was passed on as they all enjoyed many different types of shaved ice and shaved ice flavoring through their travels.  Eventually, the entire family had conducted quite a bit of "research" on the topic of shaved ice.  Through it all, they noted the best parts of all of their favorites.  Today, the whole family brings all of those best parts of their shaved ice adventures together, to a single mobile trailer.  

Little did they know it at the time, that each of these significant events would join together to take the family on their next great adventure.  Today, the family joins together to bring their favorite portions of their shaved ice adventures - in a single mobile trailer:
The Swirly Turtle - Hawaiian Shave Ice with great tasting syrups and maybe a little taste of ice cream hidden in the bottom.  

Come join us and share in our story!

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